With a capacity of 5200 (of which 1100 seats), the Eiszentrum Luzern hosted various hockey tournaments, notably the IIHF World U18 Championship in 2015 (photo: game between Russia and USA) and the Lucerne Cup in 2018.

The home club of the ice rink is the HC Luzern which consists of various youth and active teams.

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is rich in sights. In addition to the world-famous Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower, the Musegg Wall, the Jesuit Church, the Lion Monument, the KKL culture and convention centre and many other buildings contribute to the impressive cityscape of Lucerne.

The metropolis of Central Switzerland is ideally situated in terms of transport and is connected to all major connections. There are hourly train connections from Zurich-Kloten International Airport with a journey time of one hour to Lucerne.

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